Friday, March 15, 2013

Free travel guides and maps of Normandy

  • Complete guide dedicated to the historical sites of Normandy, created by the Association Normandie Mémoire with details of museums and monuments. You can download it in pdf.

  •  2013 Tourist Guide of Normandy: The delegation of  Bessin Normandy tourism published in its official website a pdf of 2013 Normandy travel guide in English. The guide contains information on the landing beaches, museums, restaurants and accommodation, as well as maps of the region. For a free guide is quite complete and brings a calendar of events that includes the d-day festival . Click the image to download the pdf.

  • Dossier with a map showing museums and monuments. It also includes a map of Normandy with military operations, objectives and assaults. Click the image to access the full pdf (in Spanish).

  • Map of the roads and public transports. Click the image to download the pdf.


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